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Nihon Goshin Aikido was brought to the United States by Mr. Richard A. Bowe.  Mr. Bowe was stationed  on the island of Hokkaido during his military career. While there he reviewed a variety of systems, including karate and Aikido (Ueshiba style), but, due to his previous training, he felt that, although he sought in a martial art. He continued his search until he came across Shodo Morita. Mr. Bowe was impressed with the ease with which Master Morita's students were able to throw him. Mr. Bowe trained with both Shodo Morita, who awarded him a black belt, and with Shodo Morita's adopted son, Tominosuke Nara, who took over the system after Master Morita died. Mr. Bowe returned to the United States and began teaching Nihon Goshin Aikido in 1962 at a local karate school. On September 12, 1963, he opened his own dojo in Guttenberg, New Jersey. In 1976 Mr. Bowe was promoted to 5th degree black belt by Master Nara. Shortly after that Master Nara retired from public teaching. As far as we know, Nihon Goshin Aikido is no longer taught in Japan. However, the Black Belts from Mr. Bowe's dojo and the students of his students are teaching in numerous dojos throughout the United States. Mr. Bowe no longer teaches the Art. He turned the Art over to Sensei Robert B. MacEwen JR. on 11/01/2018
Richard Bowe and Shodo Morita, Hokkaido, Japan, dojo
  Shihan Richard Bowe
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